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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  November 23, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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our big story at 4:00 bay area residents bracing for big chill freeze warnings and watches are in fact four sections of the area. we have video of the storm that slammed into santa cruz this morning you can see from the pictures how hard the rain was coming down and in the sierra heavy snow making travel difficult. the storm knocked out power to more than 18,000 customers in four counties around the tahoe and you can see why. all along i 80 drivers are dealing with a ice the snow- covered road ways. we have team coverage of the cold blast let's start with the weather person jacqueline bennett for a look at the temperatures. jacqueline.
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>> pam we saw a storm pushed through the rain premature all the way through the bay area were still seeing snow falling in lake tahoe this will taper off soon. temperatures are going to be plummeting right now very chilly inside temperatures only 50 degrees. 53 concord and antioch same thing in oakland 50 in san francisco and half moon bay. processing breezy conditions out there now the winds expected to stay breezy through the evening. right now wind speeds in the 20 mi. an hour winds. it that's in novato, 22 napa, 24 mi. an hour winds in san jose. teens near the coastline and these are sustained winds that are stronger than this rate now. the when staying with us through the evening and will be dying down over night which will lead to some very cold temperatures treated there is a freeze warning in effect right now for most of the bay area. freeze watch down in the south. all the dark pink
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sheets is the freeze warning in your area. for inland valleys and while inland as well. at the light pink and your screen representing esprits watch for places that will get close to 32 degrees. this is tomorrow morning from 1 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.. the cold air ushered in from the storm plus the light winds overnight will lead to these temperatures to falling off so temperatures at below 32 degrees. tonight into tomorrow, windy and cold this evening with temperatures in the '40's but by tomorrow morning when the winds died down temperatures will also fall down quite a bit. 26 degrees in the north bay and 39 in our warm as locations in san francisco. this could be potential record cold just depends on how light the winds are over night to the lighter the winds the colder the temperature. in the afternoon mostly sunny skies still chilly conditions upper '40's low 50s very similar to today. what the weather pattern sticking
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with us for a couple of days will take a look of your extended forecast that bed. >> this slick pavement was blamed for this on high with 17 in the santa cruz mountains it at traffic backed up from big movie curve to loss gatos rain and black bass will be an issue for most mount roads for the next few days amid the cold weather. motorists may have to contend with a chance of snow on the summit and other roads above 1,500 ft.. if that happens residents along summit road may be snowed in for a while. >> were going to gas up the generator and get it all set up and fired up make sure it's ready to go because that's what we do the power will " for five days. just run off the generator. >> caltrans has snowplows standing by along highway 17 in their stock piles of sand to guard against black ice that can form in cold weather. meanwhile the freezing temperatures are also bad news for plastic
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pipes and other exposed plumbing. you see here many non-residents are scrambling to insulate those pipes against the cold. winter storms have pounded the sierra and covered everything was no what pace. these are pictures sent to kron 4 from norstar at tahoe resort where their reporting 79 in. of snow. many bay area residents have plans head up the mount for the holiday we send jeff bush to the area and he shows with the road conditions are like today. >> i'm on interstate 80 just pass blue canyon and as you concede caltrans has there's no removal equipment out here and it's for good reason because the conditions here on the roadway are absolutely miserable. i imagine driving on slushy snow on the highway and then have that slushy snow phrase. the car moves around like this i have a four-wheel drive vehicle and i could still feel it moving like this as it slides along the icy
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roadway. like i said caltrans is out here trying to remove as much snow is attend but at this point it seems like it's a bit of a futile effort. reporting on interstate 80 jeff bush kron 4 news. >> 48 hours from the giving is holiday travelers rushed to get out of town to see their loved ones. kate thompson joins us live from san francisco international where travelers are facing new security procedures. kate. >> if you can believe it is as bad as it gets today at sfo you can see the line behind me trying to get through security here at american airlines. this is what you see it at almost every terminal about eight to 10 minute wait to not at all, just two days before thanksgiving. airport spokesperson said earlier there haven't been any issues with people refusing to go through the new scanners. they have one of the scanners that each of the terminals your sfo but
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that not might not be this case tomorrow when there's the national auto day when people may refuse to go through the scanners in protest and request pat downs to try and slow down the process of going through security. i spoke to many passengers most of them had no problem with going through the new scanner. >> i've been through it's no big deal. it's not a big deal at all. >> i would assume about >> this doesn't bother me it's not as much radiation it doesn't bother me as much >>. i think pictures security is good as long as it does make the late for my plane. >> as for the possible slowdown was national all but out day the report said the gsa as the final say in how this all will go down tomorrow. sfo did say their main priority their first priority is to get people want to go through security, through security everyone else who wants to pass
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bounds will become second priority. reporting live at sfo kron 4 news. >> a new kind of underwear is promising to keep your private parts and private at the airport. craters of the undergarments will stop yes they officials from seeing too much of you if your selected to go through the controversial body scanner. our internet reporter kimberly tells us how it all works. it >> it's not a joke not depend doors started a lot of undergarments and answers for and where. let's take a look at what they look like. your looking at the brought in circuit has a patent pending radiation shield for those $13 me what the next want it to radiation blocking exports brought you can see the fig leaves are already sold on that's about $40 right there. the manufacturer claims like pan said it's got to keep the private parts private when you pass through the fall body scanner and it's also going to help protect the
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where from harmful radiation these are men's briefs year. you could see the fig leaf so not if you like to take a look at these for yourself visit and look for what's on the web section. >> the body scanners have you rethinking your travel plans you may be in lock delta airlines is considering issuing refunds for passengers who do not want to fly anymore because of the new security measure. they will be issued on a case by case basis. as for other airlines american airlines, continental and usair ways say they will only on a refundable tickets since the airlines have no control over security procedures. a new poll shows despite recent controversy being raised about full body scanners at airports only two-thirds of americans support some 60 percent of those polled said the government should focus on looking into pop soul is there terrace tax was 26 percent said the government should not invade privacy. as far as it is getting mission is concerned 64
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percent support and 32 percent are opposed. half of those polled say that the pad down procedures go too far. >> the preliminary hearing for the richard high-school homecoming rape case continued today. a retired richmond police officer in charge of the stand to detail what role he says each of the seven defendants played in the attack. please see the 16 year-old victim was brutally raped while several others watch. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the rich mineral coming gang rape of a live report of what we have set up for today that's coming up at 9:00. >> just in the san francisco board of supervisors has just voted today to override mayor newsome is the goal of the city banned it is aimed at toys being included in fast- food meals for children. the mayor thinks the band goes too far he made it clear he would need a wet but again the board equally adamant about overriding his veto.
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this affects mcdonald's happy meals it says basically if food is not about to city health standards you can't include a toy. the company mcdonald's has been an outspoken opponent to the legislature in the bottom line this moves the bandstands. we'll be back after this break.
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one man is dead after a fishing boat capsized, there were five people on board when the fishing line got caught in the propeller. was pushed over by the waves. another boat was able to pull the victims from the water once the coast guard arrived a 60 year-old man was pronounced dead and two others to to the hospital. a northern california man who was stranded on a deserted island for five days is been rescued. he is drifting down the sacramento river when his raft began to sink. he made it to rhode island and use his cell phone calls family but it did know which island he was on. the family called the coast guard and used as awful a signal to locate him. a bay area
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driver got out the bad way to use his emergency brake. the driver said he left his car for a few minutes to go to a nearby shop when it came out he saw as car rolling into the water. witnesses say the car's brake had not been set properly. >> of look outside from heavenly ski resort you concede clearing going on their there snow on the ground quite a bit actually. will take a look at our local forecast for the cold and will also look at tahoe for the next two days if you're heading out there coming up after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] open up a cadillac during our season's best sales event and receive the gift of asphalt. experience the exhilarating cadillac cts with a direct injection v6. it's the one gift you can open up all year long.
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rain out there this morning now were dealing with chilly temperatures and quite windy conditions. our current wind speeds a lot of people saying winds 20 mi. an hour or greater right now so even though it's sunday it is breezy and press. a 20 mi. an hour winds and a bottle, 22 napa, 24 in san jose. it will see winds like this
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through the evening but over night the winds are going to die down and that will lead to some very chilly conditions over night. right now there's a freeze warning in effect for most of the bay area you can see all the north bay the dark pink on the screen also the delta, inland valleys the light pink represents close watch. this is tomorrow morning from 1 to 9:00 a.m. the combination of cold air out that the storm brought in plus the lighter winds will lead to temperatures at or below 32 degrees. our north bay location will see temperatures in the '20s. let's get a look at the temperatures out there for this evening or wednesday temperatures drop off fairly quickly into the '40's rate now in the low 50s. by 7:00 p.m. you see the dark blue in your screen for the north bay all those locations in the 40 saving with the dog that, inland valleys, east bay and south bay. overnight and temperatures will drop off dramatically so by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the
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purple on your screen represent temperatures in the 30's and it will be the low 30's even places in the north face of the pink and your screen in the 20's also the '20s and fairfield, antioch. it will be concerned about what's going on in oakland in san jose in terms of traveling because we could be seeing delays with the flights very early in the morning the planes being deice. in the afternoon temperatures warming up much the dark blue in your screen temperatures in the '40's with light blue temperatures '50s pretty chilly afternoon. your overnight lows all in the 30's or the 26 ever san francisco winds 10 to keep up and up to keep all warmer. at 42 san francisco, 34 oakland fire close to potential freeze, 35 in san jose, 27 santa rosa, 27 in that bus. in the afternoon we won't see a lot of relief even though it will be sunday temperatures will be in the upper '40's, low 50s 49 half moon bay, 48
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in antioch, 51 in san jose. if you're planning to head up to the weekend balance were still seeing snow right now but it is cheaper in office the tail end of the storm pushes through. cold out there tomorrow, 27 degrees for the high look at the top pitchers to 6 degrees on wednesday morning in tall, 4 degrees for thanksgiving and tahoe. plenty of snow on the ground and great skiing conditions for the next few days. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay very cold mornings over the next several days including banks giving in the day after. temperatures inland just in the upper 20s and nearing the freezing mark for the coastal and bay locations. chile locations warming up slightly and that will advance as the storm pushes through quickly bring us rain early saturday morning into saturday afternoon temperatures will warm up slightly into next week.
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>> and world is a deadly confrontation between north and south korea began this morning when north korea military launched an attack on the south and part of this is caught on video. leaders of the communist companies are saying even more military action will follow it to south continues to carry out military drills near their sea borders to south korean marines were killed today 18 other people injured in the attack south korea returned fire it's threatening for the retaliation as we said international jim diplomats are calling for restraint. the white house released this fall of the president being briefed on the situation he has scheduled a call to south korean leaders after the attack more than 28,000 u.s. troops are deployed in south korea so far no talk of plans to send more troops in response to that spike. rescuers a new zealander trying to hold out hope for the 29 trapped miners but it doesn't look good. this is video from friday's explosion that ripped through a section of
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the mind where the men were working and rescuers have drilled through the main tunnel now, they're hoping to lure a video camera into the whole to look for signs of life. the job discovered on the speech does not belong to a missing u.s. teenager natalie holloway care and medical examiners said the jobless he meant but it does not match hallways dental records the team year-old lasting on the island in 2005. jail dutchman your and still being held on an unrelated case. >> this saturday the kron 4 will air highlights of the giants world series parade you can relive the magic with that ticker-tape, fans and favorite player is just to and kron 4 saturday at 7:00 p.m..
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barbara hall reports a lot has to do with international issues. >> stocks slumped today as a scrimmage between north and south korea raised new fears of international turmoil. the dow: 1 1/3% ending at 11,036 in the s&p 500 and nasdaq also went to war. the federal reserve lowered its outlook for economic growth and said it could take several years for the u.s. economy to return health. there are signs the recovery is not as anemic as previously thought. the revised gdp but the annual rate of growth that to a half percent up from the 2 percent estimated last month. shares of j. crew surge more than 50 percent of news of a buyout the retailer agreed to be sold to private equity firms in a $3 billion deal. the retailer also reported third quarter sales our lower- than-expected. a majority of working americans will be taking have vacation from
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other in boxes this season 59% plan to check the work e-mail over the giving, and christmas and traditional holidays according to a survey by is silicon valley firm. if 41 percent call work e-mail over the holidays and away while 15 percent are they go for the destruction from family time. >> new home sales numbers show sales of previously owned homes slipped last month analysts say it's to be the housing market battling tough economic times. realtors say sales of previously owned homes to 2.2 percent last month the national median home price in october was $170,500. the donated food is flying off the shelves just as fast as it's being giving out. secret heart committee service at their former families need turkeys this holiday that are being donated. 4000 people signed up for turkey's but there are only about 2000 turkeys available. if there are many
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donors showing up to help but say the economy has left more people in need and then in years past. it will be right back. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator


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